Chapter 45

A new chapter begins in our lives today;
What will be your contribution?
What will your life say?
We live in a country that has stood the test of time
And allowed us to say,
“This is mine”,
With such a rich legacy and rich history
Do we really value and honor
What others have sacrificed for you, for me?
It’s about more than who’s in office in this government of the people, for the people, and by the people
For we, too, have a responsibility,
From the synagogue to the churches with and without steeples
To ensure that we exercise our rights and responsibility
to stay free.
It’s about what’s right,
No matter who’s doing it
All people matter,
Even those who some think don’t fit.
Focus, faith, fellowship and fortitude will be what unite us
And carry us forward,
Leaving in the dust those who
Refuse to get on board
As they continue to divide and sow discord;
Because each chapter that you write
Will determine the future of our
Young, old, neighbor, friend, foe
Our mindsets determine how far we go
So let’s get past the pomp and circumstance
Take responsibility and give our
Freedom a chance.
Exercise your rights peacefully.
Use your voice.
Use your vote.
Educate and empower yourself
And stay out of the boat
Of mediocrity.
God bless America
God bless you and me!


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