The ABCS of What Parents and Society Want for Our Children

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Here’s a succinct listing of what we all desire for our youth today:
A- Ability to respect authority, authority figures, and parents.
B-Be mindful of their associates and friends
C-Clear rules, expectations, and boundaries at home, at school, and in society
D-Develop peaceful resolution skills, the ability to see other’s point of view, to get along with others, and avoid hurtful language, behaviors, and actions
E-Engage in cultural activities and exposure to new ideas, foods, and places
F-Family life filled with unconditional love and a supportive environment
G-Generational exposure to their elders and their wisdom; respect for elders
H-Healthy choices in thinking, eating, money management, and care of their bodies
I-Integrity in all of their actions
J-Jokes that are not at the expense of someone’s feelings or self-esteem. The gift of laughter.
K-Knowledge. The application of knowledge is power. Be a life-long learner. Value education and stay in school.
L-Learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward
M-Manners. Manners. Manners-have some.
N-Neighborhoods that have caring neighbors who monitor and supervise their behavior
O-Opportunities to be of service to others
P-Positive relationships with adults and to have role models within their family and community, not just celebrities and sports figures
Q-Question their lives-“Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What will be the consequence of my actions?
R-Religious institutions that share in their spiritual, character, and moral development.
S-Safe environments at home, school, neighborhoods, and cities
T-Talk to adults, two way communication with them- listen as well as respectfully share opinions
U-Understand and appreciate cultural diversity in themselves and others
V-Values that develop character, integrity, and guide behavior. The ability to be responsible and to accept responsibility
W-Work skills that include soft and hard skills
X-Xamine choices and the ability to monitor their own behavior
Y-Youth programs, sports, and clubs that engage them in activities during key after school times and on weekends.
Z-Zeal and passion for goals that foster independence and self-sufficiency; the ability to persevere and never give up.


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