Teens & Sexuality: Addressing Sexuality with Teenagers

Helping teens build fruitful, confident, lives is becoming more challenging each day as they are continually bombarded with a world view designed to be contrary to the Word of God. The area of sexuality especially affects our ability teach generations as ordained by God and to leave lasting legacies of lives of faith and fruitfulness. We are to live fulfilling lives of God’s purpose and plan for us as individuals. This article lets us know that there is still good news and victory in spite of a seemingly lost battle.

Declare and Display

Teens & SexualityIn our families and in our churches, we are far too often late to the conversation about sexuality with our teenagers and reactionary once we speak up. This should not be the case. The kitchen table and living room are perhaps the best places for this discussion. And the church is called to equip its people to follow Christ and make disciples within our culture. To overcome this we must talk about the issues—homosexuality, same-sex attraction, gender fluidity, pornography, and sexual immorality—and we must do so clearly and compassionately. Within our cultural climate we cannot retreat out of fear or remain silent out of ignorance in either the home or the church. Now is the time to engage. Now is the time for honest answers to hard questions. Now is the time to listen well and speak truth in love. Now is the time to address the issues of…

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