What I am Thankful For

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year! I love to smell the turkey baking in the oven, the sweet potato pies, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and all the fixings just waiting for us to devour. So, to say that I’m thankful for the meal is an understatement. But, in addition to the meal, I’m thankful for the time spent with family and friends, time off from work and many other things. I’ve tried to sum them up below. I’m sure if I keep thinking, I’ll be able to add to this list.

What I am Thankful For:

Authority over the enemy, Abundant life, the Anointing, The Alpha

Blessings, the Blood, Brokenness

Creation, Choices, Children, the Cross

Deliverance, Dreams, Discipline, Discipleship

Emotions, Endurance, Eternal life, Encouragement, Experience, Education

Faith, Fruitfulness, Favor, Forgiveness, Family, Friends

Glory, the Gospel, Goals, Grandchildren

Health, Healing, Holiness, the Holy Spirit, Humility

I Am, Inheritance, Increase, Illumination

Joy, Jesus, Justification

Knowledge, the King of Kings

Love, Life, Legacy, Laughter

Ministry, Mind renewal, Miracles, Mercy, Music

Newness of life, the Name above all names

Order, Opportunities, The Omega

Patience, Peace, Prosperity, Power, Preaching, Praise, Prayer, your Presence, your Promises, Provision, Promotion, Purpose, Passion, Parents, Provision, Poetry

Questions, Quality of life

Redemption, the Redeemer, Refuge, Repentance, Revelation, the Resurrection, Relatives, Rest, Relaxation

Salvation, Self-Control, Spiritual Gifts, my Savior, Scripture, Sanctification, Service, Stewardship, Sound mind, Seed-time and Harvest-time, Second chances, Strength, Signs, my Senses, my Soul, my Spirit, Sleep

Time, Temperance, my Testimony, Talent

Unconditional love

Victory, Vision, Virtue

Wisdom, Wonders, Your Will, Your Way, Wholeness, my Witness, the Word of God, Worship

Xcellent is your Name

Youth, Yokes destroyed


looking down by fern Beaulahland

Be blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank You Veterans


I remember the times when I was on planes and everyone on the airplane clapped and cheered when uniformed soldiers entered the airplaine. thanking them as they passed on the way to their seats. I remember all the times that I’ve said “Thank You” as I passed their table in a restaurant or in a store. I especially remember my father and how he must have felt on the cold battlefields during the Korean War before the use of computers, advanced battle planning and weaponry. I’m sure that the physical and emotional toll, however, is the same no matter what branch of the service or what war; time away from family and friends, missing special milestones, being at home to enjoy modern conveniences, and simple pleasures such as grabbing a hamburger or a movie. I remember today as we as a nation collectively say “thank you” and remember your sacrifices that keep us a free nation.  I say “thank you to those of you who serve and have served this great nation. I say “thank you” to the spouses, parents, grandparents, children, and other relatives who share you with us. I thank the homeless veterans  who others seem to have forgotten. I thank those with PTSD who continue to give of their psyche. Thank you for all that you do and have done. May God bless each and every one of you and may God bless the U.S.A.