Un-pack your bags for the Journey


destination lets gounpacked bags

My friend, how often is it that we focus so much on getting to a destination that we fail to enjoy the journey? I know, I know. Life is hectic and fast paced. But, wouldn’t it be a shame to arrive and realize that there was scenery along the way that we missed. Often at the end of life or in the journey toward our goals and purpose, we miss so much. We focus on the bumps in the road, the detours and even the Nay Sayers who say that we shouldn’t even take the journey. But, when we travel Interstate and roads toward planned trips and  destinations, we continue to travel in spite of the inevitable and eternal construction, the detours and the bumps in the road. Airplanes have delays and turbulence. Bus trips are long and taxing. Train rides are filled with people that we may not care to be around. Travel by ship runs into rough seas and storms.. Yet, we buy the tickets and sign up for the ride, anyway.

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Let me encourage you to do the same on the road of life. But, un-pack your bags for the journey. You only get one carry-the one that will include all of  your life skills to manage turbulence, rough seas, and storms of life. What skills should you pack in this carry-on that must be with you at all times?  Of course, you can’t leave it unattended, because just like in commercial travel, unattended bags can lead to big trouble for us.  Someone else gets the opportunity to control our life and travel!

Pack the ability to manage your emotions without letting them manage you.  Pack some financial management so that the world of consumerism doesn’t consume you. Pack some love and time for your family. Pack some focus so that you can plan and execute the travel plan to your destination.  And, don’t forget some time management so that you won’t sleep through your stops along the way-stops for rejuvenation, connections, and mentoring appointments.

Don’t foget to unpack negativity and negative people. Unpack anger and unforgiveness. Unpack self-doubt and most of all, the words “I can’t”. This heavy baggage will only delay your arrival at your destination.

So, how can you make the journey  of life toward our education, marriage happiness, our healthy and well-mannered children, our career, and our journey toward our eternal destination more enjoyable? The same way that we make our travel by car, plane, bus, or train more enjoyable. We take with us things or do things that will make the trip pleasant. We take games and books. We talk to each other. We listen to music. We listen to podcasts. We eat. Wow! In the spiritual, we can do the same things. Talk to God as you journey. He’ll order your steps and be your GPS. Learn to play the game of life, recognizing that there will be bumps in the road, trials and tribulations, sorrow as well as joy. No one is exempt. Spend travel time listening to and reading things that will feed and nourish your soul. And, by all means, eat healthy. Eat of the Word of God as well as foods that are healthy for your temple (body). Smell the flowers along the way and be a flower on someone else’s journey with your smile and kind words.

We’re all on this highway of life. When I pass your way, make my journey more pleasant. I’ll be sure to do the same for you. Peace! And, until next time, be blessed.